Strong Spells To Attract A Better Job With Guarantee in Durban

Candle Spells To Help You Land Your Dream Job in Durban

This article is about spells for successful job fulfillment. It contains the  best candle spells to help you land your dream job.

Candle Spell To Get Your Dream Job in Durban

*Do this spell on a New or Waxing Moon, on a Thursday. Ingredients: -1 Green Candle -Green Paper -Green Pen First thing is first, create your sacred space. Make sure you cleanse your sacred space properly. Cleanse your ingredients as well. 1. Using your green pen, write the title of your dream job and also include your position, what your new job will include etc. Make sure to write this on the green paper and be very specific! Being clear on what you want will be easier to receive. 2.When you are finished writing everything down, read your list aloud. As you read the everything on the green paper, visualize and resonate yourself with the life of your dream job. Visualize it as if it has already happened or that it will happen soon. 4. Now time to light your green candle. As you’re lighting your candle continue to visualize and feel yourself being successful in your dream job. Visualize and wish for this with all your heart and being. 5. Read your list one last time. With everything you have, believe and know you’ll get your dream job. 6. Now carefully fold the paper three times and place it underneath the green candle. 7. Time to let the candle burn. Depending on what type of candle it is you can decide to let it keep burning until it’s done in one day or if its a larger candle, feel free to turn it off and relight once every 7 days or until the Full Moon. 8. Time to finish the spell. Once the candle is burned, burn the paper you wrote your dream job on. Make sure to do this in a container so you can collect the ashes of the paper. Once collected go outside and make sure its a little windy. Put everything into believing you’ll get this dream job and scatter the cooled ashes in the wind.

Effective Dream Job Candle Spell

*Do this spell during the magic hours during the day. Ingredients: -photo of yourself -3 green candles -a piece of green cloth -needle and green sewing thread -1 bay leaf -a glass of mineral/spring water -currency of significant value First, put the bay leaf in the glass of water. Then you should insert the currency you chose into the glass. Make sure it’s not a small value. You will then add your photo too into the glass of water. Now surround the glass with the three green candles. Light each candle and let them burn for 21 minutes. While the candles are burning chant or say a prayer to attract prosperity for your dream job. After the 21 minutes have passed, turn off the candles. You can now take the three objects out of the water. Be very gentle when it comes to taking out your photo. You don’t want to break it. You will now place the items on top of the green cloth as follows: first support the bay leaf, then your photo, and last place the coin on top of everything. Time to sew the green cloth and make it into a pouch/bag with the green thread. After your finished making the bag, make sure you take this bag with you everywhere you go. Do this until you find the dream job you want. Once you have achieved getting your dream job remember to give thanks to the gods and goddesses you called upon in your prayers and finally undo the pouch/bag. Make sure you dispose of all the items you used in the trash.

White Magic Spell to Find a Job

Start by finding or writing your own job advertisement, such as one that you would see in the newspaper or employment website, for a job you would like to have. You are going to create an ideal situation, so it is important that you be specific about salary, location, etc. The more details you use in this white magic spell, the more powerful its effect will be, but always remember to be realistic, so do not ask the Universe for the impossible.

Light a very large deep blue candle (blue is the color of Jupiter and it is excellent for any rituals to get a job) and place it on a stand on a wide metal tray.

Read the ad you created several times to memorize it, then fold the paper into a cone, and slowly burn it over the candle flame, letting the ash fall into the tray.

When all the paper is burned, collect the ashes in a small box or bag. (If it goes out, do not worry – just light it back on, showing the universe your persistence and determination while doing this spell to get a job.)

Bury the remains under an energy tree, such as oak or ash, if possible on a piece of land near the chosen workplace. If you can’t find this type of tree, bury the ashes in a flowerpot with a peppermint plant (peppermint is a powerful energizer). This is the part where you finish your ritual, and a very important part in the casting of this spell to get a job, so do not forget this step.

With that, you can end the white magic spell to get a job. You will see the results in a short time, but do not stop looking for employment actively, and be attentive to all the opportunities that may arise.

Other Spells to Find a Job

These white magic spells to find work consist of small rituals that you can do at home with elements of home use, following simple steps. Performing these rituals will help you find the job you need, get a promotion, an increase in your salary, or the boost you need to start a new venture. You will need candles for most of these spells, but there are some job spells without candles, such as the oil recipe that follows. All these spells use the power of white magic and are safe to cast by people with or without previous witchcraft experience. If you want to learn more about how to cast spells and spells, I recommend you start here: What is White Magic?

Candle spell to get your dream  job

This spell must be cast only after you have sent your resume or application to the employer.

Using a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company (or place) where you want to work on the side of a large green candle. On a red candle, you will carve the rune of victory ( it looks like an arrow, pointing upwards) and your full name.

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