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Effective Spells to Get Back Your Lost  Love

Did someone you love walk away from you?

Hearing the song that both of you used to listen to together can make you think about that person. Or, only walking past the path that you two usually promenaded before can bring back plenty of lovely memories.

You even find yourself scare of seeing the old friends who often hang out with the two of you when both were still a couple.

Just small details can remind you about your ex lover!

Here, I will offer you a list of free love spells to get your ex back immediately in order to avoid more wounds in your heart:

1. Voodoo spell to bring back lost love

This effective spell using the Voodoo magic will help one bring back the lost love within 24 hours. The first thing to do is to focus on your intention as well as to ask yourself whether you truly want your ex to come back in your life again or not.

What is the aim of this Voodoo spell?

By doing the ritual, Voodoo magic will absorb the positive energy sent out from the universe for the purpose of making you more attractive and lovable in the eye of your ex lover. Once the spell is cast, they never wish to depart from you again.

In case you look for the spell caster’s help to get back with your lost love in 24 hours, remember to give clear responses whenever they ask you about your broken relationship. Don’t be vague or the spell can’t bring out its effects completely!

The moment they have left you, it’s a must to introspect yourself, like asking if you did anything wrong or if there’s any change you need to make. This kind of spell has nothing to deal with the change of your character; in fact, it’s something you need to work on yourself.

Try this spell to get your ex to come to you instantly!

2. Candle love spell to get back together

Another the spell that works fast is the candle love spell.

Aside from influential spells without any ingredients, some individuals still prefer practicing love magic rituals using the most common material: candles. Most love spells with candle work fast and quite effective.

According to professional spell casters, lighting up a candle can remove your negativity away and draw all the good things (love, fortune, etc.) ahead towards your future. That explains why people often choose candle spells to fulfill their desires.

The spell with burning candles is a very popular option among practitioners. Despite the differences in beliefs, faiths, and religions, anyone can utilize this simple spell to win back an ex.

For those who want to make use of the candle in the ritual to make you two come together, have a look at the love spell guide to do at home to get through a process. The effect of a certain spell depends on the color of a candle; thus, you’re advised to pick the color based on your circumstance or specific goal.

3. Love spell no ingredients for the lost love return

If you have no or not much experience about spell casting realm, then I recommend you to use simple spells. Beginners please keep in mind that spells to get back your ex lover should not be too complicated.

Nevertheless, when I talk about simple spells, it’s not that I tell you not to do the thing you’re supposed to do yourself. Many believe that they can get help from the spell caster online for their problem and then all they need is to wait for the outcome.

In fact, love spells with words only will never show its result if you do nothing on your own!

Don’t rely on the spell-caster 100% – that’s the common mistake lots of individuals often make. You shouldn’t let them perform all the work for you; instead, bring your emotion, faith, and intention in the session for the spell to work effectively.

It’s you who has had a lost love and is currently looking for a way to bring them back, not the spell caster. They only guide you on how to perform the ritual in the right manner; meanwhile, the key to achieve the best outcome is no other than you.

You should be a part of the process for decent results.

4. Black magic to return an ex lover

Don’t be afraid of black magic!

Most of people tend to think of black magic as a tool for evil purposes or manipulation. Indeed, spells to return your ex using black magic are efficient if the performers use it for the right reasons. If you are too desperate and don’t know what to do, then simple accept free breakup spells that work in minutes.

Nowadays still many criticize black magic spells; however, what they don’t expect is that all kinds of spells or love chants they’ve been practicing have the root in black magic. It’s not the black magic dangerous; actually it’s your intent.

Therefore, make sure you embrace yourself with only calmness and positive vibes before performing the return lover spell chant.

5. Return love spell to stop cheating

This ritual theoretically will make your lost love give more thoughts on the relationship of the two of you after the separation. The power of the spell will get that person to return to you and reveal their inner feelings about you. You’ll become more appealing whenever appearing in front of their sight.

If the reason leading to the breakup between you and your ex is because of them cheating behind your back, then the spell will help you avoid that issue. The moment you and your ex lover come back together, the spell will do its magic to stop him from being unfaithful again.

In case you find out your lover has moved on and is currently in a love romance with another person, this return love spell will stop them from getting involved with anyone romantically except you.

Use it to eliminate all negative actions in your relationship and make him adore you more once you two start over again.

What to Do Before Casting a Love Spell?

Once you’ve decided to cast a spell to win back the lost love, it’s necessary to notice several things on how to gain good results from your spell.

For the ritual to be successful, the first essential thing is to make sure you know exactly what you desire during the spell casting session. Concentrating on your intention will help focus your mind on saying the right things while performing the ritual.

Next, before planning to get your ex back using love spells, I recommend you to ask for professional spell casters’ assistance or look up for online experts’ instructions carefully.

Playing with magic is like playing with fire!

Hence, the guide from a spell caster is indeed important – if a spell is cast with no specific purpose, it will surely backfire. You may think what they say is nonsense, but all are significant ideas any beginner must have a glimpse of.

The last thing yet also the most essential thing is to have a strong faith in the spell you’re going to cast if you want it to work excellently. The existence of any kind of doubt or negativity only stops yourself from attracting the universe energy

Always believing in your pure intention right before carrying out the ritual!


Getting someone to love you again in the physical world is not simple as people often say, actually. Sometimes the idea of winning them back is even impossible because one of the two parties has already moved on after the breakup.

It’s not really good to snatch them away from someone else, and you’re not really sure if they still love you like before.

Fortunately, simple spells to bring back a lover here can give you a support!

Read the ideas above and find the best spell for your current circumstance for a chance of making up with your ex and re-build the relationship again.

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